Join The 2020 Life Vision Challenge!

by , December 10, 2015
Join The 2020 Life Vision Challenge!

Timebug, a b.labs sponsored company, has launched a new initiative, the 2020 Life Vision Challenge, that is designed to help you reconnect with your best self, a version that is notably more productive and fulfilled. The mission of this is to guide individuals on a personal and professional road of self-discovery, assessment and vision creation.

Take a second and contemplate the fact that we are all at a unique point in time, five years into a decade and five years away from another in 2020. Do you find yourself asking “who am I?”, “what have I accomplished?”, “who do I want to be?”, “what do I want to do?” and most importantly, “am I happy?”.

The 2020 Life Vision Challenge, powered by Timebug, is unique because these principles will be practiced on a daily basis. Blueliner CEO Arman Rousta has developed and implemented a comprehensive, open-sourced database and analytical program that assesses how human beings spend their days and nights and how they can effectively allocate their time, money and energy.

The 2020 Life Vision Challenge blazes a path to a more self-aware existence and we believe that introspection translates into a more meaningful, effective life. This will help you evaluate where you’ve come from, what you’ve done to reach your present state and finally, assess optimizations and steps you can take to shape your ideal life in 2020.

During the month of December, please join us on a 30-day journey of daily motivational exercises, messages and goal-setting tools. In just 30 days, you will have a fresh, new Life Plan.

To find out more, visit the 2020 Life Vision website.  Sign up here to get started today!