B-Labs Incubated Ajustco Hosts Shareholders to Celebrate First Birthday

by , April 13, 2014



B-Labs, Blueliner’s incubator division, has a major success story in the making.  Ajustco, which was Co-Founded by Blueliner’s CEO, Arman Rousta, hosted over 40 shareholders and colleagues last night for a private celebration of the company’s first full year of Operations, at Providence Restaurant near Columbus Circle in New York City.  Ajustco CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Stile, joined Rousta to make a speech, whereby the entrepreneurs and friends thanked their supporters, which include some high-profile investors such as a former Bloomberg Co-Founder.

“Ajustco is a venture that I am very proud of, for how we are literally making dreams come true” notes Rousta, “Jason saw our flagship product, AjustLock, in a dream, and I had a dream that verified the product’s value.  And now, with the help of our shareholders and a globally-integrated Blueliner team, we are bringing those dreams into reality.  Year 1 was a tremendous learning experience for us – and we have gone from an unknown entity to an up-and-coming industry brand.  The best is yet to come.”

AjustLock is an innovative and patented series of locks – barrel bolt locks, slide bolts and pad bolts – which is in the process of displacing traditional barrel bolt locks that do not account for door shift issues as AjustLock does.  The market for these types of locks is over $500 million.  Next stop for the dynamic duo and the Blueliner-Ajustco marketing team is National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, May 6-8, 2014.