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Avec Eric

Through an interactive media platform, Avec Eric aims to bring the creative, unique culinary spirit of Chef Ripert online for all to enjoy at home.

Blueliner took a thorough web audit of Avec Eric, offering advice on increasing the conversion capabilities of the site.  Our Web Analytics and SEO teams offered keyword strategy to increase search index metrics.  The audit enhanced the overall user experience to parallel the effusive vision of its principal. Blueliner is an ongoing marketing partner of Avec Eric, and continues to assist in improving site functionality, design, and marketability.

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Chaa Creek Resort

In 2007, Chaa Creek hired Blueliner for Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising services. Since then, Blueliner has put the Chaa Creek website on the 1st page of the major search engines for top keywords in the industry. With website traffic from search engines up 200%, online reservations rose from 60% to 90%.

In 2008, Blueliner developed the Chaa Creek Belize Travel blog. Its stunning appeal, engaging content and interactive videos, have helped boost the company’s brand awareness, unique visits, and organic search rankings in all major search engines.

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atSeoul, the top shopping website for Korean fashion, came to Blueliner for boosting their online revenues through a multichannel interactive strategy driven to improve ROI. These strategies included Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Social Media, and Web Analytics.  Online Advertising and Search Engine Optimization campaigns were culturally and demographically targeted. Our Web Analytics team built new links optimized social media. A Facebook store was created and fully integrated with YouTube and Twitter. Following the completion of the contract, atSeoul saw at 355% increase in sales, and a 246% increase in revenue.

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Allied Home Mortgage

In a down mortgage market, with large mortgage banks going out of business, Allied turned to Blueliner to generate refinance and debt consolidation leads via low cost, web strategies. Blueliner employed its vast experience in mortgage marketing to create a customized lead generation strategy for Allied.

With the PPC markets so wide open, and Costs Per Click reaching as high as $20 for some keywords, Blueliner carefully tested multiple engines and created affiliate partnerships with other lead generating websites. Through this combination, we achieved a sufficiently lower Cost per Funded Loan (CPFL) than the rapidly rising industry standard, and satisfied the client need.

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William Yeh, CEO of SogoInvest had all the right ingredients for success – an innovative product, great pricing and a diligent product development team. The only thing missing was a marketing team that could launch his brand and create the buzz it deserved. That’s where Blueliner came in. Blueliner planned a media tour to announce the launch of SogoInvest.

On the day of launch, the SogoInvest story broke as a feature piece in the Wall Street Journal. Following the Wall Street Journal was CNN Headlines News, First Business, CBS MarketWatch, Newsday, SmartMoney, BusinessWeek and WGN’s The Money Show. Since then, Sogo has been featured in Forbes Asia,, Barron’s, Washington Post, USA Today & Wall Street Tech. By combining PR with Blueliner’s 7 Pillars of Internet Marketing methodology, SogoInvest was able to penetrate the mass market – offline and online – instantaneously. Since its 2006 launch, SogoInvest has received over 1.8 million unique visitors to the site, resulting in over 10 million customer funded accounts.

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Based in New York City, 401kid was founded in 2000 to provide advice to families struggling to meet the growing expense of college expenses.  401kid is a community  where parents, students and family members can come to discuss their issues and concerns about education with financial planners, educators, politicians, and even employers.  The company seeks to arouse and develop ideas that will make a tangible difference in the financial future of tomorrow’s students.

Blueliner was engaged to create and execute 401kid’s integrated marketing strategy, with a particular focus on SEO.

“Our business has quadrupled since we engaged your SEO services. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

– Bob Lally,

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Red Clay Media

In one of the most competitive industries known to marketers (direct mail), Red Clay Media needed to find a cost-effective strategy to differentiate themselves from their competitors and spread the word about their expanding products and services, while reducing customer acquisition cost.

Thousands of businesses are seeking direct mail products and services via the Web. Hence, Blueliner developed and implemented an aggressive SEO campaign in order to bring Red Clay to the forefront of its user base. In addition to that, a blog was developed to increase visibility, and an entirely new website designed in order to reflect Red Clay’s evolving business offerings. Within 6 months, Red Clay achieved top placement in the natural listing of all major search engines. One year after the start of the campaign, Red Clay gained $1.5 million in revenues through this channel alone.

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COSS Systems

COSS Systems is a top of the line, ERP software of manufacturing. With COSS ERP, manufacturing shops are able to optimize their operations through the automation of business processes. The COSS ERP manufacturing software has streamlined hundreds of businesses since 1992. Blueliner began its relationship with COSS Systems in December of 2010. Blueliner employed several Pillars of the 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing, including Search Engine Optimization, Online Media and Paid Search campaigns, Email Marketing, Web Design and Development, and more.

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Fundamental Financial

Fundamental Financial was a start-up company entering the highly competitive student loan consolidation industry. Although in possession of a strong vision, Fundamental Financial was still in need of a brand identity and representation in the digital space. Blueliner took over and built the Fundamental brand from scratch. Blueliner designed a logo, tagline, and visually appealing website.

Since its 2007 launch, Blueliner has played an integral role in the development of Fundamental Financial. Blueliner has employed a number of digital marketing strategies, including fully optimizing the website and achieving top organic rankings on major search engines.

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Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT)

The Cayman Islands is a major international financial center as well as a key destination for snorkel and scuba enthusiasts. Blueliner executed an aggressive SEO campaign that achieved major Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as first and second page search engine rankings and increased website engagement levels. Awareness of the Cayman Islands among target markets also increased with Blueliner’s strategically selected social network communications.

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