Mobile Marketing & Strategy

Pillar 7

Mobile Marketing & Strategy

The rise of the smartphone market has enabled digital marketers to become even more in touch with consumer behavior “on the go” and “in the market.” This challenges us even more now to create the most relevant mobile marketing and strategy with content based upon not only simple location data, but all data points on consumer mobile behavior.

Knowledge is only half the battle… At Blueliner, we know that 90% of all demographics exceed 50% smartphone ownership (see chart). The macro approach to understanding an audience and creating a marketing approach based upon a topic, a category, a vertical and product/service includes a heavy focus on demos. The micro or rather personal approach is what we as a team at Blueliner work with a client to create.

We examine and react to are the following key behaviors:

– Editorial Consumption

– Mobile Commerce

– Video

– SMS versus Email

– Mobile Site Marketing

– In-App Marketing

– Reverse Search & Intent

– The Buyer’s Journey

As the ownership market grows, so do the dollars spent on reaching mobile audiences. This enormous increase now and in the future inspires us to work with new technology, and reach and speak to people, not devices. The day of the cookie has ended and the IP address has begun, allowing us to better understand, analyze and address the needs of the consumer quickly. 
Mobile is search. It is social media.

It is display. It is email…it is all things digital.  Not one channel but all channels need to be analyzed and advertised on.  It is key to properly properly reach the people on their devices on those channels with appropriate advertising dollar allocation.

Blueliner has spent 15 years optimizing our abilities in search engine marketing and part of that optimization is delivering best practices and performance in mobile search as we have with desktop search over the years.

We, as marketers, have to bring global to local instead of local to global as was done in the past. Consumers now use their smartphones to make decisions on the go and they do it fast.  It is our goal and a necessity to move with the consumer and just as fast, if not faster. We need to be smart and our definition of smart is relevant based on the right data. We need to provide the consumer with what they want and when they want it!