amit mallya

Rising songstress Shontelle collaborated with Caterpillar this past week at Blueliner‘s own Anar Studios in Jersey City.  Eric Giovon was the photographer in residence, with set coordination coming from Amit Mallya.  Caterpillar asked Shontelle to star in a new commercial aiming to market their women’s boot collection and other apparel.  Blueliner secured some great images from the shoot. Get behind the scenes now.  If you are too impatient for a photostream, then we have a collection of videos on the Blueliner Podcast Channel.  Here’s a sample.

On Wednesday October 13th, Blueliner CEO Arman Rousta, a serial entrepreneur, was invited as an honorary guest speaker to the class of 2011 at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business here in New York. During the course of the conference, attendees learned two very important things from Arman.  One is to be passionate about what you do, and second is don’t be afraid to take chances.
This was the closest Arman has gotten to an MBA class in quite some time, as he dropped out of Columbia University’s MBA program after one semester back in 2000 to start his second company, He reminded the students and facultythat doing what you love is more important than making money, and that their education should be a search for the things theytreasure most in life.
As founder and CEO of Blueliner Marketing, Arman has now come full circle.  Rousta spoke about his experience in opening offshore sites in smaller, untapped countries such as Bangladesh, as well as the big outsourcing hub of India.  Macedonia, Mexico and China are next on his list.  Arman stated, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.  Be guided by your own intuition and do not compromise on your career path.  After your health, spirituality and family, it is what defines you.” To hear more about Blueliner, follow our Fall Webinar series. Click Arman’s photo and get a sneak preview.

A longtime purveyor of leather business cases and travel luggage for the sophisticated professional, Jack Georges teamed with Blueliner to bring the collection alive at Anar Studios.  Anar Studios, located in Jersey City, is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy for our clients.  We have a resident photographer, Eric Giovon, who took the lead on this shoot.  Eric handles our portfolio of services ranging from podcast production to digital photography with leading camera equipment.

The photo shoot with Jack Georges took place last weekend at Anar Studios.  Collection staples were featured with some unexpected surprises. Credit must be given to Virginie Molle, Riyaad Edoo, and especially Amit Mallya.  He was the visionary in designing feature concepts, collaborating with the stylists, and organizing the model roster while keeping them motivated.  He states, “We wanted to take Jack Georges into a different league. We wanted to keep the business element but add some edge to it, some exclusiveness. I think with Espirit and Eric (Giovon), we were able to do that.”  Here’s another look behind the scenes.