Bakar Chowdhury

Md Abu Bakar Chowdhury

Digital Marketing Strategist
Analytics, SEM, SEO, UX

Md Abu Bakar Chowdhury joined Blueliner as a Digital Marketing Analyst in April 2011. He specializes in SEO, PPC and user experience (UX) analysis, wherein he provides actionable metrics, advanced digital media auditing, technical SEO and various digital marketing services to client websites. His analytical strength is matched by digital strategy skills, for both new and old websites.

Before joining at Blueliner, Bakar worked with two website development companies as an SEO Specialist and business development officer. During his 5+ year web marketing career, he has been involved with hundreds of digital marketing projects and contributed to many positive ROI outcomes. Within Blueliner, he has worked with a wide range of industries and clients, including OMG Jeans, Completely Bare, CMS Forex, From Russia, Ajustco and others.

Bakar majored in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Chittagong. He is currently obtaining a Masters of Business Administration from BRAC University, Dhaka. Personally, Bakar enjoys traveling, listening to music and reading.